What’s New!

This is where my musical legacy continues…… 

Since the early 80’s I’ve contributed to the dance music scene in many ways and I’m extremely grateful for anyone who supported me throughout my journey. Really. All anybody wants in this life is to feel accepted and when you’re creative it’s only magnified. So here I am, 20 years later. After leaving the business in 2001, I’m back making music again.

First up is a remix of a very rare 12

“When I CameTo California” – Leon Ware & Jane Segal (From Manhattan Transfer)

You can hear it here:

Buy 12” vinyl here:


Or buy a downloadable file here:
Organic Disco bandcamp: https://organicdisco.bandcamp.com/music

Next up are remixes of another R&B/ Disco classic that really was a thrill to do
“When You Wake Up Tomorrow” (Organic Disco Mixes) – Candi Staton

You can hear it here:

buy a downloadable file here:


Next up is a song written by the legendary Lem Springsteen, whom I’ve had the fortunate opportunity to collaborate with on “Ride It Out” – Neysa

Out on Nervous Records Now.


Goin’ real underground soul is my new track
“God’s Light” – Tommy Musto feat. Marc Evans.
Pure soulful, underground house with a familiar twist. This is one of the first things I did since gettin’ biz again in the studio last year. Soon to be out on Sub Urban/ Defected

You can hear it here:

Continuing with Sub Uban, I had a chance to do a mix of a release I produced that I never got to do originally, Yolanda Wyns cover of Chaka Khan’s, “I Know You, I Live You”. Originally out in 2000 with awesome mixes by the legendary Dave Lee.


To be released with my mixes as well as mixes from Dr. Packer.

R&B artist Macy Gray (“I Try”) is back with
“The Disco Song” – Macy Gray & the California Jet Club.
It’s a fun new jam.

Check out my mixes here:


Very excited about this! Coming soon a new collaboration with Don-E called “Loving You”. This track is fire! I can’t wait for you to hear it. It’s a great follow up to what we did in the 90’s, “Don’t She”.

Coming soon on Makin Moves


Lastly, there is a re-release of First Power – Revelation (Atmosphere Records) A 90’s classic where I did a new mix and is available digitally.

You can find it here.